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In this series, I render portraits and figurative work on paper and canvas that depict individuals in a disrupted manner. My figures dissolve into loosely painted backgrounds, or brushstrokes break into them. Additionally, the surface reveals traces of previously unresolved figures or figures partially obscured by paint, pastel, and line.

My process leans heavily on the descriptive power of line and layering. Line often defines the figures while spray paint, gouache, and/or oil paint are brushed through them to destabilize them. This process is continuously repeated to construct layered surfaces that agitate and entwine with figures. It is a balance between destruction, happenstance, and intention.

As a military spouse residing on West Point, NY- I use my work to investigate identity and belonging. Additionally, through a feminist lens, I look at the disruption to our lives, preservation and loss of personal identity, and the community experienced. My work explores these themes through a process that emerged similar to military life: the chaotic and relentless cycle of breaking down and starting over.

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